About Egnite Digital Technologies

EDT is focused on solving trust problems that is being experienced globally around documents requiring verification, such as qualifications, identity documents, medical records, marriage certificates, etc. Currently ways of certifying documents are not only time consuming and, for many, cost a lot of money relative to income, there are still many instances of fraudulent certifications ocurring. There is no way of knowing what is real and what is not.

EDT believes that we will not fully solve the above problem, however, we can reduce and mitigate the process. Through collaboration with strategic partners’ EDT is confident of its solutions that are presented to our clients. Our business operates in South Africa, but our solutions reach beyond borders and can be easily adjusted to suit a country’s specific context.

We are acutely aware that whilst many students have studied the different technologies, experience, application and execution are lacking. Part of EDT’s Enterprise Development Programme’s aim will be to bring smaller tech businesses into our ecosystem to expose these businesses to real-life projects. In this way knowledge and skills transfer can occur.

Part of our Corporate Social Responsibility is to contribute not only a certain percentage of the EBITDA, but also to ensure that management invests their time in the initiatives identified within chosen communities. Mathematics, science and life skills are of paramount importance, and EDT commits to assisting the South African community to address problems in these areas.

Our Vision

To consistently strive to solve everyday problems through the use of technologies.

Our Mission

Technology changes constantly, and every day we encourage all our stakeholders to wake up thinking, “What can we disrupt today, to improve tomorrow?”


We encourage researching and discovering innovative ways to help with everyday problems that add to a seamless, simple life for everybody.

Creative approach

We try to find the best solution in any specific case


It is very important to satisfy our clients and meet their needs


We provide a coherent plan with business steps for each client


We always can correct the plan and add needed changes

Affordable prices

Our services are affordable for a wide range of people

Support 24/7

We provide a high-quality support for each client 24/7