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The below solutions brings the power of information back to the owners of information. Accessing information of anyone on the platform MUST be approved via an OTP, a mobile based approval prompt or an email with the necessary access code.

Trusted Credential Certification

Through application programming interface or through digitally approved lists, certificates of qualifications or attendance will be provided. The solution houses smart contracts that conduct various timing and authentication tests before issuing a certificate to anyone. Accountability and traceability is put soley back on the parties who are nominated to validate the lists. Due to blockchain’s immutability (cryptography, public and private keys, etc) these certifications cannot be altered.

Phase two will see us looking at digital stamping documents that are not processed via APIs. At this point we will begin introducing AI and computer vision into our suite of solutions.

Digital ID verification (Q3 2020)
- Computer vision, AI and machine learning

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Trusted Health Records

A solution where the individual’s full medical records are available wherever the patient is or relocates to. Our phase two looks to solve the problem when an individual is an accident & how is the information of the person extracted? All partnering emergency vehicles will possess a biometric device where they can use the fingerprint or retina scan of the person in the accident. This will access the system, where all the information necessary for an emergency is revealed, such as; blood type, allergies, ICE, medical aid etc.

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At EDT we encourage collaboration between other start-ups and post start-up levels to help each other take innovative solutions to market. Part of our vision is to ensure that we encourage out-of-the-box thinking and we stimulate a culture of openness with all our stakeholders and those forming part of our ecosystem.